About Us

A creative adult is the child who survived

Our Approach

We understand that the quality and impact of our deliverables directly impact and drive your business. That’s why we always focus on the storytelling more than the static visual itself. God is in the details. We invest more time planning our productions than actually executing them.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning. We realise that in many cases, there is a disconnect between clicking great photographs and the understanding of the metrics that drive the business. Luit today, therefore, has a dedicated vertical for photography.

Meet the Team

The core team members are an extension of the Luit’s team. This is to assure to all existing customers that all the philosophies that power the mothership – commitment, quality and service are practiced at every level.

Amrit Rajkhowa

Creative Consultant, iClick

Self-driven, with a sound knowledge of the business, technicalities and light itself! Amrit is a passionate photographer himself.

Rinku Rajkhowa

Head – Media Sales, iClick & Luit

Her passion to pursue the impossible is what keeps her ticking. With more than a decade as the client servicing lead, she also takes care of the operations vertical.

Dhruv Baruah

Head – Editorial, iClick & Luit

A journalist by profession and a pet lover by choice, Dhruv has meticulously planned many campaigns on the drawing board, where it matters the most.

Next Steps…

For any specific enquires or to make this journey experiential, just drop us a line or call us.

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