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We all know why capturing precious moments is critical; because it allows us to preserve memories that we can treasure for years to come. These memories can bring us joy and comfort during difficult times, and they can also help us document important milestones in our lives.

However, with the advent of smartphones, clicking photographs and videos have become a craze. And in the heat of the moment, we end up clicking hundreds of photographs. And a year later, if you go looking for them, chances are that they would have ceased to exist – blame it on a hardware malfunction, a misplaced phone or simply deleted for the want of storage space! So, in the long run, ask yourself this… How many quality pics will you truly have after a few years have passed by? Not many. This is why we need to focus on quality over quantity. Cellphone pictures have come a long way, but in no way can they replace a professional setup.

Here are a few reasons why you should ensure that you grab that traditional camera (if you are a photographer) or opt for the alternative option, hire a passionate photographer who will ensure that you have something to cling to, when the memories fade away, eventually exchanging places with the wrinkles on your forehead.

1. Memories fade, but photographs stay forever
a moment captured in a photograph can bring back a flood of memories years after the initial event. No matter how much time passes, the photo will always be a tangible reminder of the people, places, and emotions from that day.

2. The digital age means taking photos is easier and more accessible than ever
with smartphones and digital cameras, taking a photo has never been more accessible. With the ability to instantly share photos online or print them out for physical albums, it’s easier than ever to preserve memories.

3. Capturing life’s milestones and special moments
from weddings and graduations to the birth of a child or a scenic vacation, capturing special moments in photographs allow us to revisit those times and share them with loved ones.

4. Creating a visual legacy for future generations
photos doesn’t just capture moments for ourselves; they also create a visual legacy for future generations. Decades from now, our photos will show what life was like in our era and preserve memories of loved ones who have since passed.

5. Photos can tell stories and document history
historical events and cultural shifts can be documented through photography. Iconic images have the power to shape our collective memory and influence social change.

6. A photo can be a way to pay tribute to loved ones
when we lose a loved one, looking at old photos can bring comfort and remind us of happier times. Sometimes sharing those photos with others can help keep the memories of loved ones alive.

7. A photograph can be a work of art
whether capturing a picturesque landscape or a candid moment, photography has the power to evoke emotion and tell a story. A moment captured can transcend beyond a simple snapshot and become a work of art to appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Our time on this earth is limited and cannot be purchased or replenished. Do make the best out of ‘now’ and also capture the moments to fight off Alzheimer’s syndrome. 🙂

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