Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hi, this page has been created to help you with the basic questions that may arise, before you finally pick up your phone to reach out to us. Issues like payment and tax refund policies, location assessments, inter-city shoots, delivery timelines etc. Would recommend to read the relevant answer from below before you contact us:

How much time in advance do I have to make a booking?

Your project requirement in terms of scale and location at where it is to be shot is what influences this variable. A simple costume or a product shot would not require more than 48 hours, but shooting a factory or a range would require at least a week. Studio based shoots depend on the availability of studios.

Do you shoot across all cities in India?

Of course we do. Travel time, availability of tickets and the amount of equipment required for the shoot is what needs to be worked out first.

Can I get a tax rebate on my purchase?

All transaction are billed to the customer. In case you wish to avail tax benefits, do not forget to share your PAN/GST number while placing your order.

Does iClick shoot for video too?

iClick is the photography vertical of Luit Productions. Luit is a content creation agency that creates content for broadcast, digital as well as for print media. So anything to do with strategy and planning for content be it video, animation, or website content management, iClick has the bandwidth to take care of it all.

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