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Be it Europe or India, architecture from the ancient medieval times never fail to fascinate me. Walking across the cities such as Mumbai or Kolkata is like getting transported back to the past. I think that’s what was common between my perception and the gap that wasn’t. That was my calling.

What I always wanted to do

I always wanted to manage a website on photography but that stayed on the back burner for years, till last year. I do have tons of photographs to display but that wasn’t the deterrent. Not having time was a lame excuse as I had time for everything else. It was only last year summer when I booked a domain and sat down to learn WordPress. Thanks to numerous YouTube tutorials, I somehow figured out how to get the basic structure in place, from where I could build it upwards.

Stumbling blocks

Getting the social handles going was another hurdle as I was always lazy to go beyond my routine chores. I wanted to share my photography knowledge using this website and their social handles as a platform. There still lay dormant as I hope this initiative of me learning more about digital would help me no just vaguely experiment with the unknown but be in control of this domain in times to come.

Exposure matters

As a media professional, I have always been behind the camera. Now getting in front of the camera was not such a comforting feeling. I, however, know for sure that if I have to succeed, I will have to face the camera from both the sides to make the picture complete.

The Building Blocks

To share a little about myself. Well, I after college, joined as a production assistant on to India’s first private news television set up – don’t know if any of you have heard of the brand Tvi. There I was exposed to the best film directors, cinematographers and show producers. They were hired from all across the world as TV then was a niche that had just started to take form. This was even before NDTV was launched. Yes, That’s ancient I know 🙂

From there on, I was lucky to be a part of the TV18’s rise to fame, the success story. Whatever they touched turned to gold. No, it wasn’t luck. It was sheer determination, teamwork and tons of hard work. Over the years, my exposure to working with the best across the industries, teams and also headed a few of them. The core structure of every winning team remains the same – it’s supporting one another all the time and all having the same bearing, the direction towards which that ship has to go and yes, with valid, practical timelines.

It’s been two decades now and really don’t know when I fell in love with this medium. The scripts, the camera, the sets, the props, the technical specifications, the lights, sound and everything in between. Maybe in between all of these melodramatic improvisations, my passion for photography choose to wait behind the scenes… waiting patiently for me to respond.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

Connecting the dots…

Yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day; but I am willing to do what it takes to make this happen. Brick by brick. I will start classes on photography, the basics and beyond in a week’s time. Do let me know what you would want to know, clarify doubts. Looking to kick this off with a live session with like-minded candidates. Two for sure is a company. Looking forward to connecting with each f you soon. iClick, do you?


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