Industrial Photography

Industrial photography is not as glamorous as fashion photography or as candid as street photography. But, it is just as interesting, important, and challenging.


Here, showcasing the factory shed or a huge piece of machinery is critical and with zero margin for error or distortion.

The right use of light is more important and all perspectives have to be measured and planned.

Product photography also falls under industrial photography and these can be executed outdoors, indoors, or in a studio setup.


Tractors in the Limelight

Championing simplicity with Sonalika Tractors, we faced a big challenge. With over 60 towering models, a standard studio shoot wasn’t in the cards. So, we transformed a parking shed into a studio, creating an 80×50-foot canvas for the tractors.

To make this happen, we brought in two truckloads of lights from Delhi to Punjab. Our humble team worked around the clock for three days straight, capturing the essence of these giants. It was a logistical dance, but the result? Tractors standing tall, painted against a white backdrop, a makeshift marvel that turned a challenge into a triumph.



Unveiling the Essence of SILA’s Facility Management

Capturing the heartbeat of SILA’s, India’s forefront in Facility Management, was a journey through the fusion of technology, precision processes, and the human touch. Our lens became the storyteller of their unique approach to efficiently managing Real Estate assets in diverse sectors.

From the sleek interiors of plush office spaces to the industrious hum of smart work areas under construction or renovation, our photographs echoed the seamless harmony of technology and human resources at play. Each image revealed not just spaces but the spirit of SILA’s commitment to redefining Facility Management in India.


Nurturing Growth Through 50 Years with AutoMat

Nestled in Bhel, Haridwar, AutoMat stands tall as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of irrigation sprinklers, filtration equipment, and fertilization tools. As they marked 50 years of impactful existence, we embarked on a humbling journey to encapsulate their remarkable story for a coffee table book.

From the inception in Haridwar to global recognition, our lens became a silent witness to AutoMat’s evolution. Each photograph spoke of resilience, innovation, and the hands that crafted a legacy. It wasn’t just about irrigation equipment; it was about capturing the soul of a company that had thrived and grown for half a century. The resulting coffee table book stands as a visual ode to AutoMat’s enduring journey and contributions to the world.


Fan of the Orient Electric’s Craftsmanship

Orient Electric, the torchbearer in Indian lighting and home appliances, invited us to witness the birth of their products in Faridabad. Tasked with showcasing the journey from factory floor to showroom, our lens documented the manufacturing process.

In the aging embrace of the Faridabad factory, challenges were met to reveal the visual allure of craftsmanship. The result? A raw and authentic portrayal of the birthplace of Orient Electric’s innovations, proving that even the old can sparkle with new stories.



Capturing Brilliance: Orient Electric’s entry into the CFL domain

Once known as the Calcutta Electrical Manufacturing Company, Orient Fans found a home in the CK Birla Group in 1954. Fast forward to 2014, and it emerged as Orient Electric.

In 2008, a new chapter unfolded with advanced manufacturing units in Faridabad and Noida, from the molding of the glass to the test labs, it was all an in-house affair. Today, Orient Electric proudly stands as a giant in India’s manufacturing landscape, crafting some of the finest ceiling fans and LED lights. Our lens delved into the world of their CFL lights, capturing the essence of innovation that has illuminated homes across the nation.


Orient Electric’s Switchgear Venture

In 2015, Orient Electric expanded its horizons, aiming to be the go-to provider for lifestyle electrical solutions. The iClick team joined this journey, meticulously documenting each phase.

From the birth of factory sheds in Noida and Baroda to the grand inauguration, our lens captured the evolution. We continued to frame the ongoing production, generating a library of product images for diverse marketing materials. These visuals not only adorned marketing collaterals but also showcased Orient Electric’s foray into the Switchgear market at various exhibitions.


Building Delhi’s Lifeline: A Visual Chronicle

The iconic Delhi Metro, crafted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), began its journey in October 1998. Originating from the lessons learned in Kolkata, the DMRC was purpose-built to overcome past challenges.

Our mission? To document the unfolding story of progress at designated sites. The lens became a tool to monitor advancements and, simultaneously, to build a visual archive. Each frame captured not just construction but the evolution of Delhi’s lifeline—a journey etched in the visual memory of a growing metropolis.

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