September 30, 2019 Why getting great moments more important than owing great gear? Posted In: Better Photography

The best photos are the ones that have captured a rare or interesting moment. The term ‘best’ of anything is subjective, especially within the art domain and photography is no exception to the rule. What I have learnt over the years is that compelling moments are often subtle and one needs to be alert to not let that moment fleet away.

So be it a sporting event, concert, wedding, sunset, portrait, or street photography, skilled shooters are always looking for potential set-ups where interesting photo options may take place; the placement of objects within a frame, the light setting and possibility for any unusual elements getting into frame could spice things up.

In a world where mobile technology is getting better by the day and is becoming the preferred screen over the computer screen, it would not be incorrect to say that the best moments don’t require the best gear. The best moments require the right photographer to recognise them and capture them. Gadgets and gears only matter when it comes to professional photography as they need to be replicated into various mediums including hoardings which require high resolution and perfections in terms of timing, creativity and detail.

So if you want to capture great photographs, don’t wait for better gear, just start capturing moments around you; even your mobile camera is an enabler to help you understand the basics of composition and lighting. Self-learning is the best way to equip yourself. Happy clicking!

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