March 5, 2020 How to zero down on the photographer best suited for your assignment? Posted In: Advisory Exposure

Thanks to the Internet, our world has opened up to a lot many options than ever before. This rule applies when shortlisting for a photographer too! How does one lock on the photographer that is best suited to execute the required task? Yes, budgets are a prerogative, but what beyond that? Bigger the price, greater the risk. If you feel the same, read on.

To make the process simple for you to understand, let’s take this one by one.

1. Check out the photographer’s body of work
Nothing is more reassuring than seeing his/her past track record. As the photographer will only tend to showcase their best works, maybe digging a little deeper would bring our a few more average samples. If you are satisfied with the rest of the average samples, that would be your benchmark as to what could be the worst outcome.

2. There is no right or wrong way to click a photograph
As there is no right or wrong way to click a photograph, attitude, approach and style matters. Since you may not know much about lights, camera or lenses, assess if he/she is enthusiastic about their work, observe on how passionate they are to share their photography details and lastly, how keenly are they listening to the brief/details that you share.

3. Quality Vs. Quantity
Show the photographer a few references that are close to what you would like to have. Ask the photographer as to which result is easier to achieve under the limited constraints (shoot time, studio space, lights) you would have. A seasoned photographer will not just suggest which route is better, but also open up alternative approaches. Do not bargain for more photographs for the pre-decided money as that just dilutes the impact that one powerful photograph you would have been in possession of.

4. Check if there are any extra payment clauses
A lot of the photographers would come for a lesser price and then build up on the extras such as passing down rights, treating the images or print costs if this applies. If there are props involved, it’s better to have clarity on who is supposed to arrange for the same. Also, be sure of how much time is he/she allocating for the aforesaid shoot.

5. Do write down all the deliverables on to one-sheet
To ensure that your ‘before’ and ‘after’ expectations are not different, it’s always advisable to jot down the pre-decided in pointers ideally on mail, with riders if applicable and payment schedules/terms and conditions. This way, there is clarity from both sides.

Having said all of this, to help you safeguard your interest, do ensure that you give the photographer the space to operate comfortably. It is always important to value the experience of the experts. So once the photoshoot is on, let it flow and enjoy the event. If you have done your homework well, the results would always be more than satisfactory.

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